Best-Loved Older Infant Toys

The best-loved baby toys for older infants age 7-12 months. Promote muscle control, brain development, and emotional experiences with the best-loved baby toys organized according to physical, mental, and social abilities.

developmental baby toys

Older Infant’s Physical Abilities & Interest

  • begins to sit alone
  • begins to creep and crawl onto or into things
  • begins to pull to a stand, cruise, and walk alone
  • interest in moving about and practicing 
motor skills
  • develops “pincer” (thumb and finger) grasp, and begins to hold objects with one hand while manipulating them with the other
  • with objects, our older infant enjoy banging, inserting, poking, twisting, squeezing, dropping, shaking, biting, throwing; opening/shutting, pushing/pulling, emptying/filling, dragging along
  • enjoys bath play kicking and splashing

Developmental baby toys promoting muscle control and object manipulation

developmental baby toys

Older Infant’s Mental Abilities & Interests

  • interest in appearing and disappearing (objects and people)
  • interest in container/contained relationship
  • interest in letting go and dropping objects
  • interest in exploration and likes many objects to explore
  • likes to operate simple mechanisms (open/shut, push/pull) and create effects
  • remembers people, objects, games, actions with toys
  • beginning interest in picture books

Developmental baby toys that help boost brain development

developmental baby toys

Older Infant’s Social Abilities & Interest

  • may fear strangers or react to
  • watches and may imitate others
  • sensitive to social approval and disapproval
  • interest in getting attention and creating social effects
  • enjoys simple social games like “peek-a-boo,” “bye-bye”
  • babbles and plays with language, and may try to imitate sounds
  • recognizes own name and may begin to point to named objects or obey simple commands

Developmental baby toys that stimulate emotional experience

“There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book.” —Marcel Proust

Our purpose is to make developmental toy selection easier for you. We do this through research, recommendations by experts and parents, and through the pre-selection of toys on Amazon, as reviewed by verified consumers. We welcome recommendations in helping us and other parents choose age-appropriate and developmental toys.

The Brightest Family conducts independent research, and may refer to studies from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission web site, and from non-profit organizations.

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Best-Loved Toys For Young Toddlers

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