Best-loved Elderly Toys

Best-Loved Elderly and Senior Toys & GamesThe best-loved elderly toys providing relaxation and comfort, multi-tasking & memory skills, cognitive performance, immunological and socio-physical benefits.

What do Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and 25 million people in the U.S.A have in common? They reap the benefits of mental gymnastics, through bridge, the sophisticated and complex grande dame of card games.

A study in 2000 at the University of California, Berkeley, found strong evidence that an area in the brain used in playing bridge stimulates the immune system. Researchers suggest that is because players must use memory, visualization and sequencing.

Here’s our list of best-loved elderly toys categorized under anti-anxiety toys, video games, board games, and card & strategy games.

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Anti-Anxiety Toys and Gifts

According to experts at DailyCaring, sensory therapy or fidget toys are an effective way for the elderlies to reduce anxiety, calm nerves, and provide comfort. These elderly toys are simple touch-based activities that help with Alzheimer’s and Dementia by keeping hands busy in safe and calming ways.

Anti-anxiety toys and gifts provide the elderlies and seniors relaxation and comfort

Video Games

More and more seniors today play video games for fun, and there are numerous benefits involved. Researchers at UC San Francisco discovered that video games sharpen seniors’ multitasking and memory skills. The finding is a powerful example of how we can retrain the brain.

Also, did you know? According to Big Fish Games, 27% of video gamers in the USA comprise of elderlies and seniors. We wouldn’t be surprised if we find grandma, grandpa and their friends in the national senior tournament of Wii Bowling!

Video games help our older ones sharpen their multitasking and memory skills

Board Games

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, playing games can improve cognitive performances in healthy elderly people. The center stated, too, that playing board games could be a particularly relevant way to preserve cognition, and to prevent cognitive decline or dementia, and could be recommended without any real drawbacks.

Board games help exercise mental muscles and improve cognitive performances

Card & Strategy Games

Playing your cards right can help keep you sharp long after retirement, according to Disrupt Aging. Our elderlies and seniors can reap benefits such as cognitive, immunological, social, and physical benefits — on top of the intellectual challenge, and the problem-solving satisfaction.

Card & strategy games help seniors gain immunological, social, and physical benefits