Best-Loved Toys for Older Toddlers

The best-loved toys for toddlers age 2-3 years. Inspire exploration, sensory learning, and communication skills development with the best-loved toddler toys organized according to physical, mental, and social abilities.

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Older Toddler’s Physical Abilities & Interest

  • skilled at most simple large muscle skills
  • beginning to solve problems in head
  • lots of physical testing: jumping from heights, climbing, hanging by arms, rolling, galloping, including somersaults and rough-and-tumble play
  • throws and retrieves all kinds of objects
  • pushes self on wheeled objects with good steering
  • good hand and finger coordination will emerge by 2½ to 3 years
  • lots of active play with small objects and explores different qualities of play materials

Developmental toddler toys inspiring exploration, while supporting muscle control and eye-hand coordination

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Older Toddler’s Mental Abilities & Interest

  • interested in attributes of objects—texture, shape, size, color
  • can match a group of similar objects
  • plays with pattern, sequence, order of size, first counting skills
  • first creative activities (drawing, construction, clay)
  • process is still more important than final product
  • beginning to solve problems in head, imaginative fantasy play increases; continued interest in domestic imitation
  • fantasy play alone or with adult; child also makes toys carry out actions on other toys

Developmental toddler toys stimulating sensory learning, object recognition, and imitative play

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Older Toddler’s Social Abilities & Interest

  • main interest is still in parents, but begins to play cooperatively with other children (especially 30 to 36 months)
  • uses language to express wishes to others
  • engages in game-like interactions with others, and also some pretend play with others
  • enjoys hearing simple stories, read from picture books especially stories with repetition
  • strong desire for independence, and shows pride in accomplishments

Developmental toddler toys supporting communication skills development

“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his needs, is good for him.” —Maya Angelou

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The Brightest Family conducts independent research, and may refer to studies from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission web site, and from non-profit organizations.

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