Age-Appropriate & Developmental Toys

For older toddlers 2 to 3 years

developmental toys, developmental toddler toys, toddler toys, age-appropriate, language skills The older toddlers are here, tagging along the fairies, pirates, super heroes, princesses, and the dashing little firemen in their little tikes. Encourage sensory learning and exploration with developmentally appropriate toys.

According to child development expert, Dr. Harvey Karp, they’re like little cavemen with tantrums, so primitive and uncivilized. Amid the tantrums, there’s nothing like a one, two, or three-year-old helping you see the world in wonderful new ways.

Developmental Toddler Toys

Goal-oriented play

Toys are opportunities for the inquisitive minds of our little cavemen! They are very interested in the consequences of their actions, and because their memory isn’t well developed, they don’t tire of repetition. Our little ones show strong desire for independence, and show pride in accomplishment, like a completed puzzle or nicely stacked blocks.

Developmental toys that encourage cognitive and fine motor skills development

Developmental Toddler Toys

Learning Play

Their tiny hands and fingers are more coordinated, too! So by this time, you can expect the little ones to use toy sorters more skillfully, build higher block towers, and scribble and paint almost anything and everything their growing hand muscles will allow them to.

Developmental toys that incentivize sensory, social, and emotional skills

Developmental Toys

Creative play

When it comes to mental development, you can expect the little princes and princesses to play their favorite character and show-off their favorite costumes. They, too, will continue to show interest in domestic imitation or pretend play.

Developmental toys that spark language, social and emotional skills development

Developmental Toddler Toys

Physical play

Our older toddlers love experimenting with their surroundings by jumping, hanging, banging, pushing, pulling, and rough-and-tumble play. There’s no perfect time to ensure the surroundings are safe and free of hazard.

Developmental toys nurturing physical development

“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his needs, is good for him.” —Maya Angelou

Our purpose is to make developmental toy selection easier for you. We do this through research, recommendations by experts and parents, and through the pre-selection of toys on Amazon, as reviewed by verified consumers. We welcome recommendations in helping us and other parents choose age-appropriate and developmental toys.

The Brightest Family conducts independent research, and may refer to studies from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission web site, and from non-profit organizations.

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