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For young infants 0 to 6 months

developmental baby toys, baby toys, age-appropriate, infant reflexes, sensory experiencesBabies are born with many reflexes. Help babies develop them, including perceptual abilities and learning capacity with age-appropriate and developmental toys.

According to Jean Piaget, a Swiss clinical psychologist known for his pioneering work in child development: When objects move in front of their eyes, they visually track them; when objects are placed in their mouths, they suck them; when objects come into contact with their hands, they grasp them; and so on. Piaget claimed that simple baby reflexes and perceptual abilities are essential tools for building intelligence.

Developmental baby toys


Yes, you, are your baby’s favorite toy. For our babies, its all about sensory experience and interaction with the people they come in contact with.

Developmental baby toys that influence social and emotional development

developmental baby toys

Mouth-able Toys

When it comes to exploring, young infants learn about objects in their environment by mouthing them. It is advisable to select developmental baby toys that are especially made for mouthing, looking, listening, sucking, or fingering.

Developmental baby toys that encourage sensory and functional play

developmental baby toys

Visual Toys

When it comes to visual play, the little ones like their baby toys bright and colorful with simple designs, clear lines and features, and human face features especially the eyes. Infants enjoy watching hanging objects or “mobiles” that move by wind, wind-up action, or movement through (infant’s) own activity.

Developmental baby toys that inspire cognitive and sensory skills development

developmental baby toys

Manipulative Toys

Young infants just love simple rattles teethers! They are also fond of light, sturdy cloth toys, squeeze toys, and toys suspended above or to the side — watch them little babies bat and grasp!

Developmental baby toys that foster fine motor skills development

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.”
—Jacqueline Kennedy

Our purpose is to make developmental toy selection easier for you. We do this through research, recommendations by experts and parents, and through the pre-selection of toys on Amazon, as reviewed by verified consumers. We welcome recommendations in helping us and other parents choose age-appropriate and developmental toys.

The Brightest Family conducts independent research, and may refer to studies from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission web site, and from non-profit organizations.

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Older Infant Toys

Boost brain development and spark infant learning experiences through age-appropriate and developmental baby toys.