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For older kids 9 to 12 years

kids toys, developmental toys, age-appropriate, cognitive skills, motorOlder kids crave for more ownership of tasks, and are gearing their skills to mini-adulthood. Help support them to be more confident, independent, cooperative, and resilient with developmentally appropriate toys.

“Older kids need independence, responsibility, and a sense of belongingness. As they master their world, play helps them develop new competencies that lead to enhanced confidence, and resiliency needed to face future challenges,” according to renowned pediatrician Kenneth R. Ginsburg, MD, MSEd.

Kids toys

Active play

Older kids’ dexterity are ready for athletic and team sports like. They heavily use their big and small muscles to engage in high energy sports and activities. They can manage bicycles pretty well, and shows dexterity in using outdoor and gym equipment like bars, swings, and climbing structures.

Developmental toys that motivate confidence, coordination, and physical strength

Kids Toys

Learning Play

Older kids like games requiring speed, dexterity, competition, and extended concentration. They are fond of complex games like puzzles and mazes, cards, and various cause-and-effects. They perform well in strategy games where independent thinking is critical.

Developmental toys that reinforce cognitive, language, and social development

cooperative play

Social Play

Older kids can work cooperatively with others, is interested in clubs, and in group activities. They can play complex card and table games with rules, and begin to be able to lose gracefully.

Developmental toys that promote language, social and emotional skills development

Kids toys

Creative Play

Older kids may be interested in real instruments like piano, recorder, violin, and may take formal music lessons. They like a wide variety of crafts like painting, sketching, clay modelling, weaving, and even sewing.

Developmental toys that inspire cognitive, sensory and motor skills development

“One of the greatest gifts adults can give—to their offspring and to their society—is to read to children.” —Carl Sagan

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