Age-Appropriate & Developmental Toys

For preschoolers 3 to 5 years

preschooler toys, developmental preschooler toys, developmental toys,  cognitive skills, age-appropriatePreschoolers are confident little Einsteins who love exploring the world. Enable more meaningful exploration of the world around with developmentally appropriate toys.

According to child development expert Dr. Barbara Goodson, play is a serious business for preschoolers. Play provides many opportunities for them to learn and grow physically, mentally and socially. If play is the child’s work then toys are the child’s tools, and appropriate toys can help children do their work well.

Developmental Toys

Exploratory play

Preschoolers and kindergartners are curious little ones! Away from the loving arms of mommy and daddy, the little tinker-doodles confidently explore the world around, and independently practice their fine motor and cognitive skills through play and activities.

Developmental preschooler toys that hone fine motor skills and cognitive development

Developmental Toys

Learning Play

Our little Einsteins prefer toys with realistic details and working parts. They are interested in nature, science, animals, time, how things work. They will not shy away from identifying common shapes and primary colors. Preschoolers will show interest in simple number activities, alphabet play, copying letters, matching/sorting.

Developmental preschooler toys that boost cognitive skills


Developmental Toys

Physical play

Our little one enjoys running, jumping, climbing, and balancing with confidence. They show fine motor skills by picking up small objects, cutting on a line with scissors, holding pencil in adult grasp, and stringing small beads. Preschoolers are expert builders. They love small construction materials, and vigorous activity with big blocks and large construction materials.

Developmental preschooler toys that strengthen fine and gross motor skills

Developmental Toys

Social play

The preschoolers can be social butterflies! They are beginning to share, take turns, and learning the concept of fair play. By age 5, preschool play is cooperative, practical, and conforming. They, too, are interested in group pretend play. Although, do take note that preschoolers may not be ready for competitive play.

Developmental preschooler toys that encourages social and emotional development

“It is with children who learn to read fluently and well: They begin to take flight into whole new worlds as effortlessly as young birds take to the sky.” —William James

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