The Joy of Giving Elderly Toys

Best Elderly & Senior ToysShow elderly people support and well-wishes by giving them toys that boost their brain power, overall well-being, and social functioning.

Nothing lights up the brain like play, according to Dr. Stuart Brown’s TED Talk Play is more than just fun.” Various fun activities such as playing games or creating art do involve creativity, imagination and critical thinking skills. Consequently, these fun activities and play help seniors develop and maintain their cognitive abilities by keeping their brains active and engaged, and reducing memory loss.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. -George Bernard Shaw Click To Tweet

Choosing Toys for the Elderly People

For seniors, there are plenty of ways to play. The challenge is finding something that works for them. We can help the elderly people with Alzheimer’s by keeping their hands busy with fidget quilts or blankets, and sensory toys. We can also help improve senior brain health with mental boosting games like checkers, bingo, and various cards games.

Did you know? Video games that require physical efforts like Wii Bowling from Nintendo has been proven to help our seniors with their overall well-being and social functioning.

Do consider the physiological benefits of play: Having fun releases endorphins, and a good laugh relieves tension, lowers blood pressure which helps protect against cardiovascular problems. Give a toy and make some lucky elderly people happy today.

Elderly toys for functional play that boost brain power, overall well-being, and social functioning

Best-Loved Elderly Toys