Special Needs Toys for Learning Disabilities

Learning Disability ToysEnable children with learning disabilities to improve in numbers, their handwriting, reading comprehension, interpretation of sounds, verbal & social skills, and processing of information.

We’re happy to share special needs toys for children with learning disabilities; categorized under under dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia, Language Processing Disorder (LPL), Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities (NVLD), and visual perceptual or visual motor deficit.

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Toys for Children with Dyscalculia

Toys for children with dyscalculia should help to understand numbers, and learn mathematics: comprehension of math symbols, memorizing and organizing numbers, telling time, and counting.

Toys designed to help children with dyscalculia to better understand numbers and mathematics

Toys for Children with Dysgraphia

Toys for children with dysgraphia help develop fine motor skills that improve handwriting ability, spacing, spatial planning, spelling, and simultaneous writing and thinking.

These toys help children with dysgraphia develop handwriting abilities

Toys for Children with Dyslexia

Toys for children with dyslexia or Language-Based Learning Disability, help in reading, reading fluency, reading comprehension, recall, writing, spelling, and sometimes speech. Dyslexia can exist along with other related disorders.

These toys help children with dyslexia improve reading comprehension

Toys for Children with Language Processing Disorder

Toys for children with LPD help in attaching meaning to sound groups that form words, sentences and stories.

These toys help children with LPD enhance their interpretation of sounds

Toys for Children with Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities (NLD / NVLD)

Toys for Children with NVD / NVLD help in establishing verbal skills, visual-spatial and social skills. This includes interpreting nonverbal cues like facial expressions or body language.

These toys help children with NVLD improve their verbal and social skills

Toys for Children with Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit

Toys for children with visual perceptual or visual motor deficit help in the understanding of information that a child sees, or the ability to draw or copy. These toys are designed to help a child establish eye-hand coordination, and see differences in shapes or printed letters.

Toys that help children with learning disability understand and process information


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Our purpose is to make special needs toys selection easier for you through research, and recommendations by experts and parents. Our toy selection goes through a pre-selection process of the best-loved toys on Amazon as reviewed by verified consumers. We welcome your suggestions in helping us and other parents choose enjoyable and beneficial toys for children and adults with special needs.