Toys for Children with Special Needs

Selecting toys for children with special needs allows us to bestow children with disability their right to free play; and social, physical, emotional & mental development.

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Autism Toys

Autism Toys

Children with autism are future-prepared when supported with toys and devices that champion productive and independent adulthood.

Toys for children with autism
Categories: Comfort Therapy, Visual Aids, Technology Support, and Sensory Support

Visually-Impaired Toys

Visual Impairment Toys

Stimulate the senses of visually-impaired children through toys that use speech, textures and shapes, braille, sounds and lights.

Toys for children with visual impairment
Categories: Braille and Language Literacy, Texture and Shape Toys, and Sound and Light Toys

Learning Disabilities Toys

Learning Disability Toys

Children with learning disabilities can achieve success with parental support, intervention, and special needs toys.

Special needs toys for learning disabilities
Categories: Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Language Processing Disorder, Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities, and Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit



Enlighten the intellectually & artistically gifted children with toys that aid behavioral therapies, medications, and parenting strategies.

Toys for children with ADD/ADHD

Categories: Behavioral Therapy, Learning Support, Technology Support, and Sensory Support

Hearing Impairment Toys

Hearing Impairment Toys

Hearing-impaired children can overcome challenges with toys and aids that help communicate, and share & learn about ideas and emotions.

Hearing impairment toys
Categories: Visual Phonics, American Sign Language (ASL), Technology Support, and Reading & Writing as a Second Language.

Physical Disabilities Toys

Physical Disability Toys

Empower physically disabled children through adaptive and universally designed toys for independent learning and play.

Toys for children with physical disabilities
Categories: Adaptive Toys, More Adaptive Support, and Universal Design

Our purpose is to make special needs toys selection easier for you through research, recommendations by experts and parents, and through the pre-selection of the best-loved autism toys on Amazon, as reviewed by verified consumers. We welcome your suggestions in helping us and other parents choose enjoyable and beneficial autism toys for children and adults with special needs.